These are real results we have gotten for some of our clients. If any of these sounds like your situation, call our Alabama driver’s license lawyers and find out how we can help you.

Bill C., Gadsden, AL

Bill hadn’t had a license in over 20 years. Because he had lived and travelled in so many states, he wasn’t sure which state suspended his license or where he had open cases. When he called us, we explained that it would be a tough task, but if he was patient, we could get it done.We researched his suspension for over a week. We found that he had open cases in a number of states throughout the southeast. Most of those cases only required him to pay old fines. He brought us the funds to pay the fines, and we handled the payments and paperwork for him. We got the necessary clearances from each court.We went to court on his outstanding warrants and cases in Alabama, particularly the many Driving While Suspended cases, because each of those could have led to an additional 6-month suspension. Over the course of several months we were able to resolve EVERY ONE of his cases, without a single additional suspension.

Nichole S., Birmingham, AL

Nichole was involved in a car accident when she was 22 years old. When she was sued, she didn’t get an attorney, missed her court date, and the insurance company got a $15,000 judgment against her. Her license was suspended.Now 30 years old, Nichole called us. We went to work right away. We negotiated a settlement with the insurance company and presented our plan to the court. The court approved it, and Nichole got her license back four weeks later.

Phillip J., Fairfield, AL

Phillip hadn’t had his driver’s license in almost 10 years. It had been so long since his license was suspended, he had actually forgotten why it was suspended in the first place.When he got a new ticket for Driving While Suspended, Phillip called us. We investigated with the Department of Public Safety. We found the old cases that had his license suspended and got the cases resolved. We went to court with Phillip on his current ticket, and negotiated a lesser charge, which included a lower fine AND avoided another mandatory 6 months suspension for driving while suspended.

Brian C., Clanton, AL

Brian’s license had been suspended for over 15 years. When he called us, we researched and found the cause of his suspension: he had outstanding warrants that were almost eight years old.We filed motions to have the warrants recalled and the bonds set aside. This step alone saved Brian $3000. (If he had been arrested, each warrant would have required him to post a $1000 cash bond to be released.) Then we went to court and set his cases for trial. When the State couldn’t prove their case against him, all of his tickets were dismissed.

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