Need Your License Back?

Reinstate Drivers License AlabamaWondering why your driving license is suspended? We at Burrell & McCants, help you understand the law, guide you through the legal system, and work hard to find innovative solutions to your legal issues. We have helped hundreds of people get their driver’s license back.
The fact is, most people don’t even know why their license is suspended, let alone how to get it back. When they suspend your license, the state doesn’t give you a roadmap of how to get it reinstated. That’s why you need Burrell & McCants, LLC to help you navigate the reinstatement highway.

Our Alabama driver’s license lawyers will gather all of the information you need to get your license back. We get this information directly from the State and the courts where you have cases. Our thorough research uncovers old cases, tickets, warrants, and anything else that may have your license suspended.

Once we know why your license is suspended, we represent you on the cases by fighting to have them dismissed, reduced or resolved in your favor. We can negotiate accident cases, contest judgments against you, and even resolve child support suspensions. If necessary, we can even demand a State Administrative Hearing and go with you before the hearing body to fight to get you back on the road.
Our goal is always to fight and negotiate so that, even while paying our attorney’s fee, we are able to save you money!

Suspension Causes

Why is Your License Suspended?