Need Your License Back?

Reinstate Drivers License AlabamaWondering why your driving license is suspended? We at Burrell & McCants, help you understand the law, guide you through the legal system, and work hard to find innovative solutions to your legal issues. We have helped hundreds of people get their driver’s license back.
The fact is, most people don’t even know why their license is suspended, let alone how to get it back. When they suspend your license, the state doesn’t give you a roadmap of how to get it reinstated. That’s why you need Burrell & McCants, LLC to help you navigate the reinstatement highway.

Our Alabama driver’s license lawyers will gather all of the information you need to get your license back. We get this information directly from the State and the courts where you have cases. Our thorough research uncovers old cases, tickets, warrants, and anything else that may have your license suspended.

Once we know why your license is suspended, we represent you on the cases by fighting to have them dismissed, reduced or resolved in your favor. We can negotiate accident cases, contest judgments against you, and even resolve child support suspensions. If necessary, we can even demand a State Administrative Hearing and go with you before the hearing body to fight to get you back on the road.
Our goal is always to fight and negotiate so that, even while paying our attorney’s fee, we are able to save you money!

Suspension Causes

Why is Your License Suspended?

You are not alone! The majority of people with suspended licenses didn’t know their license was suspended until it was brought to their attention. Either you were pulled over by the police or received a letter long after the suspension. Well, we know where to find the answers, and how to get results. Call us today! 205-202-5599
If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug case, you still have rights! We will make sure that your rights are protected and that you have someone to speak up for you. Give us a call and let us look at your case today! 205-202-5599
Did you know that some DUI cases carry a mandatory license suspension, while others do not? We may be able to keep your license from being suspended. Give us a call to discuss your DUI case and let us see how we can help. 205-202-5599
If you’ve received a traffic ticket, call us before you go to court. Even if your court date has already passed, and you missed the court date, we can still help. We can file motions to have your warrants recalled, get you a new court date, and fight to have your ticket dismissed or reduced. Call us today! 205-202-5599
Things happen all the time that prevent people from meeting their obligations. If you’ve had events that prevented you from paying your child support, taking your license isn’t going to solve the problem. You can’t be handicapped because you can’t get around. You need to get to work, so you can make money to pay your bills, and yes, your child support. Call us, and we’ll let you know what we can do to help! 205-202-5599
Were you involved in an accident? When a lawsuit was filed against you, did you have an attorney represent your interest? We’ll review the accident to see if you were truly at fault. Then, we will make sure that the judgment against you is valid and was obtained lawfully. If so, we can still help. In most cases, we can still arrange a solution that will allow you to get your license back. Call us today, and tell us about your accident. 205-202-5599