Mission Statement

Because things are not always fair, our compassion drives us to use our skill, sharpened by preparation, to seek justice for our clients.

Our Story

We are two guys who come from very similar backgrounds. We met in law school, and little did we know, our partnership actually began there. We often prepared for class and studied together, and were both accepted into our law school’s honorary law fraternity. After law school, we prepared for the bar exam together, and we both passed it on the first try!

Upon entering the legal field, we often met to discuss our firms and ideas to help each other become better lawyers. These meetings, where “iron sharpened iron,” led us to the ultimate realization that we could do even more good as partners. Our desire to help clients, seek justice, and build a minority-led firm were the motivating factors that led us to establish Burrell & McCants, LLC.

Now, we are looking to revolutionize the way firms do business. We take a customer-service based approach to helping our clients. We help you understand the law and how it relates to your case. We keep you informed about what’s going on. And above all else, we work hard to help you get justice. As Birmingham, AL lawyers we are dedicated to providing the excellent level of representation that our clients demand and deserve.

Before you leave this site, store our number in your phone: 205-202-5599. You can call us 24 hours a day!

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