Case Results

  • $60,000
    Excessive Force in Jail

    Mr. Evans was tased while by a correctional officer while in handcuffs while another officer looked on. Mr. McCants was able to negotiate a settlement for his client after filing a lawsuit in federal court and taking the depositions of the officers involved.

  • $30,000
    False Arrest

    Mrs. Adams wrongly taken into custody for 2 hours by police. The insurance company told her they would pay $2,000 and no more. Mr. McCants collected the facts and briefed the law in a demand that ultimately obtained $30,000 (about $15,000 for each hour she was held.

  • License Reinstated
    Driver's License Suspension

    We resolved outstanding cases in 6 different courts and gathered information from 3 other states to get Mr. Smith’s license back. He hadn’t had a driver’s license in almost 30 years.

  • Cases Dismissed
    DUI & Reckless Driving

    Client charged following a traffic stop by an overzealous police officer. Fought cases and earned dismissal of all charges.

  • Case Dismissed

    After a preliminary hearing, including a rigorous cross examination by Mr. Burrell, we cast serious doubt on the State’s case, and the charge was dismissed by the Judge without being sent to the grand jury.

  • License Reinstated
    Driver's License Suspension

    Bill hadn’t had a license in over 20 years. Because he had lived and travelled in so many states, he wasn’t sure which state suspended his license or where he had open cases. When he called us, we explained that it would be a tough task, but if he was patient, we could get it done. We researched his suspension for over a week. We found that he had open cases in a number of states throughout the southeast. Most of those cases only required him to pay old fines. He brought us the funds to pay the fines, and we handled the payments and paperwork for him. We got the necessary clearances from each court. We went to court on his outstanding warrants and cases in Alabama, particularly the many Driving While Suspended cases, because each of those could have led to an additional 6-month suspension. Over the course of several months we were able to resolve EVERY ONE of his cases, without a single additional suspension.