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Can I Get Car Insurance After a Drunk Driving Conviction?

In Alabama, it is required for all drivers to have insurance. This can become a problem, though, after being convicted of a DUI.

Before a conviction happens, call the law team of Burrell & McCants, LLC to avoid issues with your car insurance company.

Surprisingly, car insurance companies are usually not immediately notified if a driver is convicted of a DUI. This is because a driver’s license is not usually automatically suspended for suspected DUI unless there are one of the following conditions:

  • refusal to take a breath alcohol test;
  • taking the breath alcohol test and the driver’s BAC (blood alcohol content) is above the state’s legal limit of .08%;
  • an underage driver with a BAC of .02%; or,
  • a CDL driver with a BAC of .04%.

For a driver facing a DUI charge, they have 10 days to appeal a pending driving suspension. Otherwise, the state can begin suspending the driver’s license 45 days after the arrest. Depending on how long a suspension is depends on several factors including if the driver has previous DUI convictions.

How Insurance Companies Insure Drivers with DUIs

Insurance companies place serious consequences on drivers with DUIs up to refusing to insure a driver. Most companies, though, will still insure the driver but make them pay a higher premium.

Drivers may also be required to obtain a SR-22. This is not an insurance policy, but rather proof that you are covered by an insurance plan and it is registered with the DMV. Even if a driver has been insured throughout their DUI charge and then if convicted, the state could still mandate the driver to obtain a SR-22. Additionally, even if the driver doesn’t own a vehicle, they could still be required to get a SR-22.

Alabama drivers don’t want to face all these complications getting insurance and/or a SR-22 after being charged with a DUI. Before going to court, drivers should make sure they have an experienced team on their side. Contact the team at Burrell & McCants, LLC today at (205) 547-3042.